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Before you start: You need a jre1.5 or jdk1.5 to start the application! Besides that first of all the OpenJavaTradingSystem is a Java library not an end-user application! Its intended audience are developers who would like to create a trading system as a product for end users. The binary packages just give you a quick and interactive (a Lisp commandline) way to test what you get from the library.

Download the binary distribution of the OpenJavaTradingSystem and unpack it. For windows look below. For Linux simply follow these steps:

tar -xzvf OpenJavaTradingSystem-bin-0.13.tar.gz
cd OpenJavaTradingSystem-bin-0.13

Edit the file:
so that  the variable *lisp-devel-root*  points to the  location where
you unpacked the tar file.

If you have to use a web proxy you also will want to edit the file:
Enter your proxy configuration here (any field can be left empty).

Set up the abclrc config file:
  ln -s `pwd`/project-workspace/lisp/abclrc ~/.abclrc

And start up the OpenJavaTradingSystem integrated into the J editor:

An editor  window of the J  editor will open.  Navigate  with the file
browser on the left hand side (screenshot) to the directory:
and open the file (screenshot):

As next step you should open the slime lisp mode.  To do that type the
key combination:
  Alt X
and enter in the little 'commandline' that opens:
and hit the return key (screenshot).

Now we have to initialize the OpenJavaTradingSystem library.
You do that by executing the following command in the slime buffer:
  (asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op 'ojts) (in-package #:ojts) (functionality.init)

Enter the command as it is in  one line and hit the enter key. You can
find this  command sequence at the  top of the ojts.lisp  file and you
can use copy and paste to execute this command in the lisp buffer

The compilation of the lisp code will take some time. You will have to
execute this  one line of initialization  code every time  you use the
lisp interface to the OpenJavaTradingSystem library.

To  initialized  the  database  structures  that are  needed  for  the
operation of the OpenJavaTradingSystem library you have to execute the
following  command only  once. Next  time you  want to  work  with the
OpenJavaTradingSystem library you do not need to execute it again (but
it does no harm if you do).

The data  structures in the sql  database are now created  and you can
execute the test case by typing:
and hitting the enter key.

In the  background you will see  some debug and  info messages telling
you what the system currently does:
 - fetching data over the internet from Yahoo and OnVista
 - inserting the data into the database so that next time you need the
   data you get it from the database and not from the web anymore.
 - reading the data from the database
 - executing some algorithms on the fetched data
 - display the results as a chart
Windows usage notes:
Basically the same instructions given above also apply to windows users with some minor differences. First of all you cannot create symbolic links on windows and therefore you will have to copy the abclrc file to your 'home' directory. In windows your 'home' directory is considered to be the root of the C: drive. Whenever you have to give path names you have to give them as if you would use a "file://" URL without the actual "file://" prefix. For example:
  • C:/tmp/ojts/OpenJavaTradingSystem-bin-0.13
  • C:/tmp/ojts/OpenJavaTradingSystem-bin-0.13/project-workspace/lisp
Otherwise the windows version should behave exactly in the same way as the Linux version does. If this is not the case please report it as a bug.

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